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It can be very hard to imagine what would happen if that special someone happens to receive a cheap designer replica bag on Valentine's Day. The thought of seeing a reaction of disappointment and confusion could be unbearable. A careless or inadvertant blunder when making a designer gift purchase could end up ruining anyone's Valentine Day.

There is a surefire way to avoid the possible backlash which might follow the purchase of a fake designer Chanel handbag. And that is, to skip the knockoffs, and be sure to purchase only the authentic.

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Everyone needs to know what usually happens when someone purchases a replica purse. Not only is the buyer likely to think that they had wasted $100's in cash, but the wearer will probably find in a New York minute the lack of details with much embarrassment to follow. The bag could immediately end up on the floor in the very back of the closet, never to be used again.

A lesser known aftereffect of buying a replica purse is that the money spent on a knockoff purse has reportedly been funding large networks of organized crime groups. Many if not all of the online outlet stores selling fake purses have their roots in other criminal activities such as fraud, identity theft, and terrorism. Money received from the sale of knockoff handbags are often deposited into the bank accounts of criminal organizations.

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