The domain name,, was previously used by online sellers of replica Chanel products. The sales of replicas breaks many laws. In order to help thwart this activity, a Judge ordered the online store, Chanel Bags On Sale, be removed from the ownership and control by the replica shop operators. The Judge also ruled that the owners and operators pay a significant amount of damages.

CHANEL Black Coco Cocoon Bag

Chanel Coco Cocoon Handbags and Totes

The line of CHANEL Coco Cocoon handbags elegantly conveys the excitement produced by skiing through freshly fallen snow or the coziness of having a hot cocoa next to a roaring fireplace.

The charm and joy generated by having a CHANEL Coco Cocoon handbag makes it a likely target for many online replica handbag sellers. Most fake handbags are made in factories using lesser skilled labor and low-grade fabrics and leather.

Fake totes are often of substandard quality. Many are assembled with faulty components with a short lifespan. Zippers may be inflexible, stick or split apart. Chains and tabs may discolor and flake.

Replicas will not have the soft and supple feel of the genuine. Fakes found at online replica outlets will lack the impeccable execution of a genuine CHANEL handbag.